Employer Report Card

Every employer has the potential to increase the region’s prosperity by helping achieve Governor Haslam’s challenge that 55 percent of Tennessee’s workforce is equipped with a college degree or certificate by 2025. Reaching the goal will power our prosperity. The Employer Report Card is designed to measure your current programs. We encourage you to review how your firm currently supports employee education attainment.

Going forward, the Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community will provide employers with tools and resources to inform, encourage and engage your employees to advance their education to help your organization strengthen and retain strong performers and support your employees to realize their personal goals of completing a degree of certificate.

Purpose of the Report Card

Employers will use the Middle Tennessee Reconnect Report Card to enhance and strengthen current programs. It is a tool to review and drive further efforts to provide new resources for working adults to increase their education attainment. We hope the Report Card is one measure to ensure our collective success in working toward Middle Tennessee’s ability to grow and prosper.

Periodic review will help companies continually assess opportunities for improvement and measure success as the workforce begins to take advantage of educational opportunities.

 Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community

Middle Tennessee Reconnect is focused on empowering adults to complete a post-secondary degree or credential. In the coming months, look for events designed to engage adults who want to reconnect with higher education and training programs, along with events and resources for employers, community partners and higher education institutions.

The Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community, along with the other Tennessee Reconnect Communities, was established in 2016 by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission in partnership with the Graduate! Network and through technical assistance and funding from Lumina Foundation and the State of Tennessee. For more information, visit www.tnreconnect.gov.

If you would like to know how your organization can take advantage of the services offered by the Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community, please contact Laura Ward at lward@nashvillechamber.com or 615-743-3046.